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Learn your way to freedom. Enjoy the process.

Grow on your own terms.

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Hi. I’m Maria.

I love learning. I write books and content, create websites (like this one), challenge myself and question everything. I speak 9 languages, play 5 musical instruments and read voraciously.

No, I’m not a nerd with no social life, even though I look like one. I’ve discovered the power of learning and made it work for me instead of adapting to it.

Let me help you rediscover learning and question everything you’ve been told at school!

And who knows, maybe you’ll question everything the world tells you…

“Treat yourself with the same kindness and encouragement you would offer a child learning to walk. Be patient, be understanding, and embrace the process. If you adopt a childlike mindset of curiosity, resilience, and self-compassion, you’ll see that learning new skills isn’t that challenging anymore.”

– Maria Spantidi

Everything is a skill you can learn.